Python Virtual Worlds Online Coding Course

Looking to enhance your programming skills? If you already have some programming experience, this course offers something a bit different.

Compete against your fellow students to build coded creatures that live in a virtual world. The life of your creatures depends on your coding skills! Coding using Python, learn about object-oriented programming, using libraries, arrays, testing and diagnostics and more!

This course is ideal for those looking at careers or further study in software development.

Search “most in-demand programming languages" and you will see that Python is one of the top (and growing) professional programming languages.

Course Outline



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In this online coding course for teenagers with some coding experience, use objected-oriented techniques to build competing agents in a virtual world.



We will introduce the game and the environment. You will code a basic creature and run it in the environment. You will learn the use of Python classes, objects and object attributes and methods. You will also learn how to develop to a standard interface.


You will code up the visual aspects of the creature.


You will code creature behaviours such as moving, sensing, eating.


You will code up interactions with the environment and how your creatures interact with other creatures.

Enhancements and Testing

You will further develop you creatures and develop testing strategies over multiple runs of the environment. Use of data and diagnostics to optimise and tune your code.


This will be a competitive activity, with the code you write up against your fellow student's code!


See individual dates for details.

Skills you should have before you attend

Some previous programming experience is required.

Skills you will pick up in the course

Key skill categories

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to


This course can be customised and delivered at a mutually-convenient time and place for groups


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