Programming Robotic Arms

Robotic arms attempt to perform similar functions to a human arm and are used in factories and automation.

Learn how to to get a robotic arm to perform for you. From moving objects, drawing and even laser etching and 3D printing!

This course is an ideal introduction for those looking to explore robotics for fun or as a career.

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13 to 14 Nov 2021

2 days, Weekend, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

at Think Create Learn, Ealing

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Course Outline



Suitable For

Adults and Teenagers


Understand the construction and control of robotic arms and get them to perform useful work.


Anatomy of a Robotic Arm

We will examine a robotic arm to understand how its movements are controlled.


We will look at the types of motors available and their pros and cons.

Using code to control a motor

You will write some code in Python to make controlled movements of a motor.

Building and controlling a simple arm

You will build a simple arm with 2 motors and use Python to make coordinated movements of the arm.

Precision movements

You will use a bit of maths and coding to move the arm to a specific point and to draw lines.


We will look at what we have learned through the hands-on activity and relate it to engineering priciples such as degrees of freedom, joint types and forces.

Simple Application

You will apply your learnings to program a simple off-the-shelf robot arm.

Advanced Robotic Applications

You will use an industrial quality robot to carry out some precision activities, including precise repetitive movements, drawing and laser etching.

Individual Projects

Students will be encouraged to experiment and create their own tasks.


Prices depend on location and start around £160 (£120 concs). See individual dates for details.

Skills you should have before you attend

No specific skills required, but any programming skills would be put to good use.

Skills you will pick up in the course

Key skill categories

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to


13 Nov 2021 to 14 Nov 2021

(2 days, Weekend 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

at Think Create Learn, Ealing

Full: £160, Conc: £120


This course can be customised and delivered at a mutually-convenient time and place for groups


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